A.S.C. Strictly deals in 1080p High Definition security cameras and systems. We offer HDTVI upgrades from analog using your existing infrastructure, IP megapixel systems, construction site surveillance and wireless bridging solutions.  Our products come with a 3 year warranty and our supplier handles warranties in a timely fashion, and are located here in Austin, Tx.

Security Camera System Bundles

We sell between 2 Camera and 32 Camera systems



   Here we configure your system and router with one another allowing  access through the internet and viewable through any mobile device, tablet or home computer from anywhere in the world with a cellular signal or WIFI. Through  this process we can also set your system to send automatic notifications from the  cameras motion detection feature directly to your E-mail or by picture text message to a mobile device.

Construction Site Systems

   For construction site surveillance we offer hidden invisible IR night vision cameras, that are either simply recording footage to an onboard SD memory card, or through our cell service provider with a service plan much like a regular cell phone, but with the live view feature, and motion detection notifications.


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Helping you achieve piece of mind knowing that what you work so hard for is safe and secure with the great value of live , viewable, continuously recording surveillance. With modern motion detection technology, receiving a notifications directly to your cell phone, with images attached, you can be sure that you are the first to know when any motion is detected on your property. Like being in two places at once, you are always  at home only APP click away.

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